Top Places to Visit in Vaughan

Best Places to Visit in Vaughan

Top Places to Visit in Vaughan

Besides great amenities such as restaurants, stores, elementary and high schools, and fabulous housing opportunities, Vaughan also offers an array of activities that keep its residents entertained and occupied when they need to clear their mind, want to have fun with family and friends or get away from the everyday stress. Get to know Vaughan at its finest by starting your tour with the following must-visit places.

Vaughan’s Boyd Conservation Area

The area around Vaughan is well-known for different conversation areas, and Vaughan’s Boyd Conservation Area is one of the neatest. Suitable for playing sports like soccer and bocce as well as for picnics, it is a great place to spend time with family and friends, go on a school trip or become one with nature. If you don’t like large crowds or lots of people, you can opt for one of the numerous side trails instead of the major ones, i.e., Pierre and Jannette Berton or the Red Trail.

Canada’s Wonderland

Vaughan is home to Canada’s biggest amusement park that is well-equipped even to suit the biggest adrenaline junkies and everyone else looking for excitement. The 15 rollercoasters and more than 200 attractions the park features guarantee fun and unforgettable memories. Special events and splash works, as well as areas for kids,  cover all age groups and a variety of themes. Hosting corporate events or birthday parties is also part of the package.

Kortright Center

This conservation area is probably most famous for its Maple Syrup Festival demonstrating the making of maple. With Canada as the largest producer and the ultimate maple country, the Festival is a real success every year. But, the scenic area is multi-purpose in character so one day you may get to see a bee workshop and the other a wedding. Taking just a walk and observing the nature and the wonderful pine and maple forest is also just fine.

The Reptilia Zoo

This indoor reptile zoo will let you admire over 250 reptiles, amphibians and arachnids. Alligators and cobras are included, too! They say it is especially interesting to see how reptiles are fed, so make sure not to miss out on that. Offering education programs and fun at the same time is why parents love to bring their kids here. The Zoo also allows for birthday parties.

Vaughan Mills

For a great shopping and entertainment experience, Vaughan residents and visitors rely on Vaughan Mills, the largest shopping center in the York Region that counts over 200 stores and numerous restaurants. The large shops include some of the most renowned names in the retail industry like Saks Fifth Avenue, MAC Cosmetics, Sephora, Hugo Boss, etc.  Legoland is also one of the major spots in the shopping center especially for kids who enjoy the many fun lego-related activities. If you live in the GTA, make sure to take a trip to Vaughan Mills and experience a day of pure fun and entertainment.

Vaughan is certainly an interesting community not only to visit but also to live in, so if you would like to find out more about Vaughan life, give me a call.

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