The Best Neighborhoods In Vaughan

Best Neighbourhoods in Vaughan

The Best Neighbourhoods In Vaughan

Vaughan is the 5th biggest city in the GTA, and as such, it offers an array of housing choices for young and old. Since location is one of the key factors when looking for a property, you can take a look at the best neighbourhoods in Vaughan and what they have to offer.  All of them offer great amenities, excellent schools, plenty of indoor and outdoor activities as well as numerous housing options. Let’s find out more about them.

Vellore Village

Vellore Village is one of the best known family-type neighbourhoods with many parks and beautiful homes. If you are a first-time homebuyer or plan to have a family, Vellore Village might be your fit as it’s known for lovely residents, who mostly come with young kids. Detached homes are the preferred type of housing, and swimming and gardening count to top activities here. Residents also enjoy the many activities organized at the Vellore Village Community Center.

Sonoma Heights

Another favorite family hub is Sonoma Heights where 97% of residents are homeowners, and only 3% are renters, which is one of the reasons why the sense of community feel is so strong. Sonoma Heights offers good value for money, and it is slightly more affordable than Vellore Village. The beautiful Boyd Conversation Park and Sonoma Heights Community Park are some of the residents’ favorite spots where they can pursue numerous outdoor activities.  Again, detached and townhouses are the most popular options.

Weston Downs And Woodbridge Highland

Weston Downs is a high-end community that is better suited for second or third-time homebuyers or mover-uppers given that real estate is somewhat pricier in this area.  With all-around amenities, shops,  great cafes and restaurants and big lots that come with the houses, this neighbourhood attracts larger well-off families who enjoy convenient but top notch living in a well-maintained community. The same goes for residents of Woodbridge Highlands who enjoy a similar lifestyle with tremendous and spacious homes and hiking trails.

Downtown Woodbridge

Downtown Woodbridge is a historic area known for quaint shops, townhomes and condos. Here, you will mostly find young professionals, empty-nesters or downsizers who don’t need much space or a big house.   The many shops,  convenience stores and other amenities offer a great level of comfort.

Old Maple

Old Maple will always be a well-known historic community with big lots and heritage homes, but the new builds and renovation projects on the 1950s homes are changing the townscape and the demographic. As a matter of fact, more and more younger buyers recognize the potential and settle down in this lovely community to enjoy a comfortable life and a specific lifestyle.

National Estates

National Estates is a community known for luxury properties, unique architecture and spacious homes which are some of the most expensive homes found in Vaughan. The neighbourhood is best known for the National Golf Club which further underlines the exquisite status of the neighbourhood.

As we can see, Vaughan can meet the needs of different buyer profiles offering homes of different sizes, shapes and price ranges. If you are about to enter the real estate market as a homebuyer, whether it’s in Vaughan or not, you might want to click here for some tips.

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