The Best Neighbourhoods In Brampton

Best Neighbourhoods in Brampton

The Best Neighbourhoods In Brampton

Brampton is one of the GTA communities that equally appeals to homebuyers and investors as they both see Brampton as a great place to live and invest. Demand for Brampton properties has been on the rise lately which spurs further growth and development. Brampton is the perfect blend of urban living and natural environment, and if we add the beautiful and stylish homes, it’s no wonder that it’s one of the best cities to live in the GTA.

Brampton was built in the 1970s and developed throughout the years from a suburban community to a 600,000+ resident city with numerous facilities and amenities like gyms, indoor pools, parks, restaurants and shops, several schools and even a higher education institution (Sheridan College). Here are some of the top-notch neighbourhoods in this lovely city.


Bramalea is one of the older communities in Brampton where homes are around $700,000.  The community offers great amenities like Professor’s Lake, parks and well-known shopping centers. With a number of fitness centers, we can say that Bramalea residents are very active sports enthusiasts who want to stay in shape. The natural environment is especially well-suited for children, so we can often see young families in the neighbourhood.

Brampton East

This neighbourhood is characterized by great and reputable schools and high-end beautiful Detached homes that were built on big lots which offer a great level of privacy to the residents. Besides two-story houses ideal for family life, many bungalow homes can be found here making Brampton East perfect for downsizers as well. Brampton East is a high-end community where homes, in general, can hit $1 million very easily.

Fletcher’s Meadow

Another great option for families is Fletcher’s Meadow as it’s known for great and comfy Detached and townhouses with prices starting from around $600,000. Nearby schools, parks and a suburban feel make this community very appealing to all those who are looking for more affordable options in Brampton.


Even if Brampton is relatively a quiet and idyllic city, if you are looking for ultimate tranquility, you will want to check out Snelgrove, the historic community that once didn’t even belong to Brampton. It features blissful scenic nature views but it is also known for many shops, the Loafer’s Lake Recreation Center and for being close to the popular Brampton Library.  When it comes to real estate, especially beautiful red brick Detached, Snelgrove may not be the most affordable community with prices starting from around $700,000.

Heart Lake

Heart Lake is known for a number of hiking and cycling trails and more affordable prices. Very beautiful and spacious homes can be found under $600,000 which makes the neighbourhood accessible to families and homebuyers with a more modest budget. Heart Lake residents usually enjoy the nearby Broadway’ Farm Market, a golf club, and the renowned Trinity Common shopping mall.

Brampton is only half an hour drive away from Toronto so it has become a convenient solution for all those who work in Toronto but have no ambition to live there (whether it’s because of higher real estate prices or their desire to live in a  quieter and smaller surrounding). Many appreciate the quality of life that Brampton offers so they decide to settle down here. If you are more of a Mississauga fan, make sure to read the best Mississauga neighbourhoods or if Vaughan is your place of choice, click here to find the best Vaughan neighbourhoods.

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