The Best Middle Schools In Vaughan

Best Middle School in Vaughan

The Best Middle Schools In Vaughan

We have talked about the top high schools in Vaughan, but if your child is still not at that stage of their life, let us introduce you to the best middle schools found in Vaughan. Academia and the right school and curriculum are important for the children’s academic and social development, so if you are looking for a comfortable and pleasant school in Vaughan that yet offers the right challenges to your child or children, you are at the right place.

The Vaughan schools belong to the York Region District School Board which is the third largest in Canada with a very high-quality and ambitious set of basic principles and rules all schools under its jurisdiction have to adhere. With a strong emphasis on inclusive learning and a safe learning environment, the Board has certainly contributed to the success of the following schools in Vaughan.

Michael Cranny Public School

This school develops great test performance skills which is visible from the school’s ranking by the Fraser Institute. With an astonishing 8.9 more than one time, this school proves its commitment to its students by motivating them to use their full potential and achieve their personal goals. Since a good school is not only about testing but also about learning life values, this school integrates working on these aspects as much as possible.

Thornhill Woods Public School

Thornhill Woods is a public school that does as almost well as the Michael Cranny PS in the Fraser ranking.  The school’s curriculum is diverse, offering children to explore different areas and subjects. That is one of the reasons why parents are sometimes ready to pay more for a home if it’s in the vicinity of this school.

Discovery Public School

Taking initiative, independence and self-regulation are some of the values this school stands for, and it incorporates them in the curriculum whenever possible. Many options (program-wise) are available to students who attend this school, and children are usually as excited as their parents about the seemingly endless possibilities. Bullying prevention awareness is also one of the school’s principles.

MacKenzie Glen Public School

Another top performer that comes with all the qualities a middle school is supposed to have is MacKenzie Glen Public School which also includes a special needs program. With a committed and inspiring teacher team, the children learn at ease and are given the necessary guidance and support to tackle all challenges that may come their way.

Blue Willow Public School

Blue Willow also offers fantastic and rich programs that encompass many areas of interest. The school seems to exceed expectations when it comes to molding young minds. Academically, a close-to or above 8 rating is regularly given by the Fraser Institute.  The school is a top-notch institution with all the amenities and features young children who attend K8 need.

All of the schools above contribute to a better image of Vaughan as a community given that educational institutions are highly cherished, and often the reason for whole families to move seeking better opportunities.

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