The Best High Schools In Brampton

Best High Schools in Brampton

The Best High Schools In Brampton

Brampton has 16 high schools in total, and while all of them will provide for a solid education, some parents really want their kids to attend a program that will get the most potential out of them, whether it’s academic, practical or athletic.  All of the schools below comply with the rules and agenda of the Peel District School Board, and they all offer, for example, the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) alternative and encourage parents to be involved in the education of their children through various activities. But, along the common principles, each school brings its own value and has something only unique to them. Let’s take a look at the top well-rounded schools in Brampton that offer a great overall experience.

Turner Fenton Secondary School

It is the biggest high school in Brampton, but it is not only known for the highest number of students, but also for very high academic standards and a great test performance on average. With an array of programs, including Extended French, advanced courses for college preps and many others, it offers plenty of choices for your teen.

The North Park Secondary School

The North Park Secondary School is a public school that has been in existence for 40 years and it has a long-standing reputation. One of its greatest features is the Information and Business Technology program (IBT) that focuses on modern-day needs of children, e.g.

tech usage. The teens can bring their own devices to school (BOYD) to use them for learning purposes, which makes learning automatically more interesting for them. Offering a number of clubs (like the book club, computer club, eco club and many more) the school aims to foster the teens’ interests as much as it can. The school’s average rating on Fraser is somewhere around 7 in the past several years.

Louise Arbour SS

Lousie Arbour is known for more than its academic program. Extracurricular activities are strongly supported by the school and that’s why they offer a number of them.  The school also puts a strong emphasis on authentic learning, responsible usage of technology (BYOD) and working with parents to boost the motivation of their students.

Chinguacousy Secondary School

This school is famous for its successful athletic teams and several OFSA titles in the past, but with the new age progressing, the school also added A Sci-Tech program including robotics to help their students acquire the needed skill set in today’s day and age. Life-long learning is one of the school’s fundamental principles. They also rely on the BYOD method and parent involvement to help children reach their potential. Last year, the school reached a 7.3 in the Fraser ranking.

Harold M Braithwaite

Besides academic performance, the Harold M Braithwaite SS also focuses on raising the awareness of their students on different matters to teach them become responsible citizens of the world tomorrow.  The school’s policy is fostering an inclusive but positive environment where every student is welcome.

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