Marketing Plan to Sell Your House or Condo

A strong Marketing Plan is a major factor in selling your house in a timely manner and for top dollars.  Similar to how a successful company in the world creates a Marketing Plan to sell their products or services.  When we  List your house we create a marketing plan specifically designed for your property.   We keep your neighbourhood, your home type and the demographics in your  area in mind before we allocate any money towards marketing.  Our Goal is to get you the Highest Price Possible for your Property in the shortest amount of time.

We Offer Competitive Commission Package

We are very Competitive when it comes to commission packages and we can offer various custom built packages depending on your needs, the type of property and current market conditions.  Fill out the form below or get in touch with us to  find out more.

Selling a House

Home Staging

We offer a complimentary staging service to help you  sell your house for Top Dollars. Here are some of the reasons why we stage homes.

  • Staged homes sell for 3-5% more.
  • Staged homes spend half as much time on the market compared to other homes.
  • Buyers that have viewed a staged home online are 46% more willing to do a walkthrough in person.
  • 81% of buyers find it easy to visualize the property as a future home when it’s staged.
Selling a House

Professional Photography

Considering 90% of all Buyers begin their search online, there is no doubt getting a professional real estate photographer is a must in today’s online world.  Great Photos will also attract more buyers to visit in person and they are also necessary for an outstanding custom feature magazines and print media marketing.

  • Professional Photography gets an average of 61% more views online than non-professional photography
  • A real estate photographer will also know how to showcase your home for the better
  • The time your home is on the market can also significantly decrease by using a professional photographer.
Selling a House

State-Of-The-Art 4k Video Tours

Imagine having a Open House 24/7 online, where buyers can access a walk-through of your home in the comfort of their home or office.  This amazing State-Of-The Art 4k video walk-through results in more qualified and serious buyers visiting your home.

Your Home video tour is also posted on MLS,,, Re/Max, Youtube, Google, and used in many online platforms to get more potentials buyers.

Selling a House

Aerial Photography

Aerial photos can allow a prospective buyer to appreciate the size and scope of your home and surrounding landscape, which will draw their interest and encourage them to view the property in person.  If it is suitable for your property type we will definitely include this as a complementary service for you.  With hundreds of houses on the market differentiating your listing is extremely important.

Selling a House

Twilight Photography

There is something beautiful about some homes being showcased in the evening, and tons of potential buyers miss this opportunity when visiting the property in the day.  Twilight Photos are rarely seen on MLS and can make your property stand out and attract more buyers.

If you have invested in lighting up  the exterior of your  home with pot lights, lit gazebos, pools, hot tubs, pathways and garden then we will definitely be adding Twilight photography to showcase your home.

Selling a House

Feature Magazine for Your Property

It’s important for buyers to know all of the details about your house before they can make a better decision on buying it.  This feature magazine will showcase your property pictures, list of features in your home, amenities in the neighbourhood ie schools, shopping malls, groceries, restaurants etc.

Here is a sample of a property  Feature Magazine

Print Media

It’s important to remember there is still a large Demographic of people that still look in the newspaper for Open Houses and New Listings.  That’s why we have partnered up with some of the local newspapers and Real Estate Magazines to list our Open Houses and New Listings. Some of the names are;

Homes and Land

Vaughan Citizen

Real Estate Free Guide

Guardian Newspaper

Selling a House

Open Houses

Open houses are an important marketing method in showcasing your home to potential buyers and your neighbours that may have a relative or friend that wants to move in the neighbourhood.  You will have an option of having one or more open houses with a Registered Real Estate Agent from my team present in your property.  We will advertise your Open House on MLS,, all Social Media outlets, Print Media, open house road signage, a State-Of-The-Art 4k video will also be presented to thousands online.

Selling a House

Online Presence

There is free online presence such as MLS & and then there is paid online presence.  We pay high traffic real estate sites to showcase your property some of these include;,,, and many more.

We will also advertise your property on Google Adwords and your property will be easily found on google. also received thousands of visitors per month that will be able to see your property on our featured listings.

Selling a House

Social Media

Not only will I use our free Social Media platforms but I will pay these platforms to advertise your property specifically.  Some of the social media platforms we advertise properties are facebook, instagram, youtube, twitter and pinterest.

I also use a service called CityBlast, this service allows me to post your property listing not only on my social media channels but also on other Realtors facebook, twitter & linkedin.

Selling a House

International Exposure

I am part of an elite group of agents that have a membership that allows me to list your property globally in other countries version of  Currently we have 108 portals in 65 countries with millions of potential buyers.

We also attract many foreign buyers on our site through our blogs and current marketing efforts.

Your listing is also featured on & Remax Global which allows buyers to view your listing in 36 different languages, 45 different currencies, & 133 countries worldwide.   Re/Max is the number 1 international real estate brand and well sell the most real estate in the world.

Selling a House

Just Listed Postcards

Creating a buzz in your neighbourhood about your property with Just Listed Postcards.  If you choose to do an Open House this will bring in potential buyers  looking to upsize or downsize while living in the same neighbourhood.  It’s also a great way to attract potential family members and friends of your neighbours to move in the same great community.  I personally live very close to my Brothers home because it makes it easy for me to visit them and babysit my nephews from time to time.

Selling a House

E-mail Marketing

I have thousands of visitors on my site signing up on a monthly basis to view properties.  We know exactly what they are looking at and we will E-mail the right candidates about your property letting them know your property is coming soon on the market with full details.

I will also email Top Realtors in the neighbourhood, my group of Realtor friends.  My company also sends out a daily email to 650 Re/Max Agents letting them know about our new listings for the day.

Selling a House

Home Cleaning Services

If you have ever Sold a home in the past you will know it’s pretty tough trying to clean up the house and decluttering.  This is why we offer a complementary cleaning service when you list with us.  Our cleaning partners know how to deep clean a house and prepare it for market.   This is just one of the many ways we help reduce the stress you take on as a seller.

Selling a House


This old school method of Marketing still does wonders in today’s age.  Thousands of Realtors and other companies still use it on a daily basis to find buyers.  When you list with us, we will call everyone in your neighbourhood letting them know about your home and invite them for an Open House.  There are tons of people in your neighbourhood that are potentially renters, looking to downsize, upsize, or looking for a home for a family member.  There isn’t a method of marketing we shy away from.

Selling a House

Nurture Buyers

We help buyers at every stage of the home buying process and make sure the transaction has a smooth outcome for everyone  involved in the deal.  We have the knowledge, expertise and experience to handle all facets in the home buying and selling process.  We will pre-qualify all of our buyers with a well known and reputable Mortgage Specialist before any offers are presented to the sellers.

Selling a House

Negotiate to get You the Best Price Possible

When you list with use we go the extra mile to get you  the best price possible in the shortest amount of time.  We have negotiated 1000’s of deals and we have all the tools and skills necessary to get  you the highest price possible.  We have walked away from deals when we thought our clients could get more for their house and thereafter we were able to prove it.  It’s not about closing a deal, it’s about getting you the highest price for us.  We pride ourselves in the work we do and our motto is to go all out for our clients.

Selling a House

Regular Communication

Your house is most probably one of your biggest asset and we know it’s important for you to know regularly what’s going on.  That’s why we have created systems to regularly keep you in the loop about showing appointments, showing feedback, marketing results for your property, what’s going on in your local market, new listings coming up, sold listings in your neighbourhood when your house is on the market, offers coming soon or on the table.  Weekly over the phone or in person meeting when you list with us.  We keep you in the loop as much as you would like.

Selling a House

Smooth Closing

Even after all of the paperwork is signed and all of the documents are with your Lawyer, we will still be around to make sure we have a smooth closing.  We will follow up with your lawyers, buyers realtor and bankers to get the deal closed on time and make sure everyone is doing there required job.  If you have purchased or sold a home before you may have experienced some turbulence, we take it upon ourselves to avoid the unnecessary stress at final closing.