Best High Schools In Mississauga

Best High Schools in Mississauga

Best High Schools In Mississauga

Determining the best high school for your teenage child can be very hard, especially if you just moved to a new place and don’t know the surrounding, including schools and educational opportunities. Many parents, when relocating, have to make their due diligence before they decide to settle down in a neighborhood. After all, education of children, especially at the delicate age from 12 to 18/19, has a huge impact on their future life and how they will see the world one day and what they will become.

Real estate agents, of course, take into account these concerns and they try to come up with as much information as possible on any facilities, and schools in particular, to be able to give valuable advice to parents. Let’s take a look at what you can expect in Mississauga regarding the different high schools and their impact. In general, there are 16 high schools in Mississauga, and all of them are decent, but according to the Fraser Institute and other performance ranking bodies, some of the top Mississauga high schools are as follows:

John Fraser

This high school is widely known not only in Mississauga but outside the city as well and it is located in the lovely neighborhood of Central Erin Mills known for a great school district altogether.  The neighborhood is affordable which is not always the case with properties around top school districts. Parents moving to Mississauga should definitely look up properties in this neighborhood if they have teens. The John Fraser High School is focused on students’ personal growth, diversity and inclusion along academic accomplishments. The school also offers Advanced Placement (AP), summer and night school.

St. Marcellinus Catholic School

Located in Meadowvale Village, the St. Marcellinus Catholic School has become known as one of the most reputable schools in Mississauga since it opened in 2003. The school promotes important Christian values and offers ambitious academic programs. With dedicated teachers in place, the school manages to achieve great results and ranks fairly high in Ontario in general.

The Lorne Park Secondary School

With an enhanced program for gifted children and Extended French program this school offers great variety.  The school is particularly known for their athletic and art departments. Co-op education, just like in many other Mississauga schools, is also part of the school’s program preparing its older students for their future and work. The school is located in Lorne Park, one of Mississauga’s mover-upper neighborhoods.

Cawthra Park High School

This school is not only known for great academic achievements and student performance, but also for their Regional Arts Program which attracts a vast number of applicants each year. Dramatic arts, visual arts and music are the most popular programs in the school. Situated in growing Lakeview, the school will probably see even more applicants as many parents and homebuyers are showing a great interest in the area.

If you are looking for properties in Mississauga and need advice on the Mississauga neighborhoods and what they offer, call me for more information.

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